Team Opera Semi-Final, Take Two

This Wednesday is our second chance to take the diamond and battle it out for a place in the championship game and the chance to once again win the coveted Toronto Arts League Cup. Unfortunately, Veronica’s wand is in the shop and she can’t use it to say “Accio Cup!” and alas, we will have to work for it the old fashioned way.

This year, as last year, will be that much harder with the loss of some heavy hitters and reliable fielders on game night. We most certainly have our work cut out for us. The team we’re up against is a pretty solid team infield and outfield. They have solid hitters and their short stop will catch just about anything. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve beaten them before and have beaten them for the championship title, so it’s not insurmountable. Especially with our two newly acquired girls who have provided depth where we didn’t realize we were lacking.

Some people might wonder how such a ragtag group of ball players (or wannabe ball players) could come together and play so well as we do, but when we’re on our A-game, we’re pretty unstoppable. Despite our diversity, the simple fact that we make the effort to bond on and especially off the diamond makes a huge difference. Each year we attend a Jays game together and at the end of the season, we have a team party. What makes for better bonding than getting drunk together?

We must admit that at the beginning of this season, Veronica did not want to play. She wasn’t into it and hated not being able to do anything useful other than being the mandatory 3rd girl so we didn’t get an auto out. Though nothing has changed, somehow her enjoyment of the game has been revived and that makes all the difference. (Co-editors note: Ashley finds it necessary to state that Veronica’s baseball skills have vastly improved since our initial season and therefore, this previous paragraph is to be taken lightly.)

So come Wednesday night, think of us as we don our team uniform, tighten up our cleats and take to the field ready to win our chance to reclaim our rightful title of Champions. Stay tuned for the triumphant update.