Girls Night Out – Sushi & Nerd Store

Every so often, we deem it necessary to meet for dinner and regroup. That being, have a few drinks, let off some steam and just enjoy each others company for a night. This past Thursday we did just that. After work, Ashley met Veronica at her office and they embarked on a back-lot walk to Veronica’s mid-week stomping ground.

Unknown to Ashley, there is a trail of cute little parks between Bloor and Wellesley just east of Yonge. Little parks with a cement walk and benches and fountains and even a little dog memorial with a drinking fountain at dog height. Each park seems to be individually sponsored and named. It made for a very lovely walk south to the store Veronica very affectionately calls “The Nerd Store”.

Every Wednesday, Veronica and her posse of nerdy broadcast boys make this very trek to The Nerd Store for the latest issues of whatever comic they are reading at the time. Ashley has heard about this store endlessly and even ventured out to find it on her own, only to look on the wrong side of the road and never stumble upon it.

So off we went, to 1 Million Comix on Yonge Street. The large yellow sign out front makes the seemingly nondescript store hard to miss (and how Ashley missed it, she cannot figure out). But don’t let the initial sight fool you, 1 Million Comix could very well house 1 million comics, and then some.

With a vast collection, 1 Million Comix is easy to navigate through, find new releases, back copies, hardcovers and indulge in a selection of glorious toys and collectibles. We weren’t on the hunt for anything too specific, but each item Ashley was interested in checking out was readily available, affordable and far too tempting.

Prices are comparable to your average comic shop, as well as online. And we hear that if you become a member you qualify for additional discounts, which makes it all the more worth it. 1 Million Comix is definitely a go to place for your comic needs. And anything you may not be able to find, they can specially order in, just for you. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and as they aren’t used to seeing girls in the store, when some come in, they roll out the red carpet to accommodate them.

Around the corner and up the street is Veronica’s go to Sushi place, MASA, which offers all you can eat Sushi, a la carte and a teppenyaki table. Coincidentally, this is also the location where Ashley had her first real taste of sushi, so it is held close to our hearts for sentimental value.

Our only complaint about this establishment is that it’s on the ground floor of a hotel which for some reason always blocks our phone reception. We don’t go to MASA because they offer ‘all-you-can-eat’ but because they offer a variety of sashimi, sushi, rolls and other delicious Japanese foods. We thoroughly enjoy dining leisurely on the abundant selection while we discuss life, books, movies and music.

Amazingly enough, for once we did not order more than we could eat or have to find clever ways to hide left of sushi to avoid the necessary fee for over ordering, and left feeling contentment in our bellies and fullness in our souls.
other images courtesy of google images