FALL TV PREVIEW — Part 1: Ashley’s Picks

Not that either of us need more motivation to hermit ourselves in the comfort of our own home, but it’s September – the beginning of a beautiful new Fall TV season, the perfect excuse to kick back, put our feet up and never leave our couches.

With plenty of new shows and old time favourites, how is anyone to know what is worth watching? And how do you make time to fit everything in? We figured we would help eliminate some of the pressure and put our tastes to the test by highlighting some of our picks for shows that you cannot miss this season.



(Premieres Wed Sept 22 @ 8pm on NBC/CityTV)

Undercovers is dubbed as a “sexy, fun, action-packed spy drama that proves once and for all that marriage is still the world’s most dangerous partnership”. With a cast of somewhat unknowns, I’m really just curious to see what creator J. J. Abrams (Alias, Lost) can do with a somewhat been-there-done-that spy scenario. Sounds a little too Mr. & Mrs. Smith to me, but I’m willing to give it a chance.

No Ordinary Family
(Premieres Tues Sept 28 @ 8pm on ABC/CTV)

This one hour sci-fi drama centers around the Powells, a typical American family whose members gain special abilities after their plane crash lands into the Amazon River. While I’m a big fan of anything sci-fi or superpowered, I hadn’t seen a preview for this until recently. It was Veronica’s mention that Jackson Rathbone (one of the only tolerable vampires in Twilight) would be guest starring for a number of episodes that secured my interest and this spot on my must see list. It has potential, assuming it doesn’t run the same convoluted route as Heroes did. They probably could have come up with a better name for the show, though.


30 Rock
(Season 5 premieres Thurs Sept 23 @ 8:30pm on NBC/CityTV)
Liz and the gang are back for another season of corporate amusement and off-the-handle antics on 30 Rock. With all the buzz and endless awards 30 Rock has won, I initially refused to give it a chance. But I have a soft spot for Tina Fey (girl crush #2) and too much time on my hands, so at the suggestion of a friend, I gave in. I hate buying into the hype, but at least the show delivers and is somewhat deserving of all the attention. If you haven’t yet seen an episode, you’re missing out.

Stargate Universe
(Season 2 premieres Tues Sept 28 @ 9pm on SyFy)
Yes, more sci-fi. But before you roll your eyes, hear me out. The Stargate franchise may get a lot of flack for being too nerdy or too much like Battlestar Galactica (or any other sci-fi show set in space), and I guess it is, but it’s also so much more. A lot of thought goes into each episode; it’s cleverly written and planned out and ultimately, just entertaining. I’m fairly good at predicting how situations will be resolved, so I always admire a show that doesn’t take the obvious route and manages to surprise even the most weathered viewers. Give it a chance. It may take a bit to get into, but it’s definitely worth the patience.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
(Season 6 premiered Sept 16 @ 10pm on FX)
Another show that I was late to get into, but glad I came across. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia follows the exploits of a group of self-centered friends who run a relatively unsuccessful Irish bar in South Philadelphia. The stars (other than Danny Devito) are also the creators and long time friends, making the comedic chemistry between characters believable and relatable. The only downside to the series, other than the fact that not many people have access to FX in Canada, is how the antics of each episode further inspire me to give up my career, buy a bar and drink all day.

(Season 3 premieres Thurs Sept 23 @ 9pm on Fox/CityTV)
One word – Pacey Witter. Okay, I’m sure Joshua Jackson is tired of being remembered as Dawson’s smart mouthed sidekick on Dawsons Creek, especially considering he’s done so much to show his diversity as an actor, but I will always be team Pacey and I will always watch any film/show that he is attached to. Thankfully, Fringe ventures far from the drama filled creek and well into the mysteries of other dimensions and questionable experiments on mankind. Another J.J. Abrams project, Fringe is similar to what the X-Files used to be in its glory days (before it turned all UFO oriented) and sports a talented, strong willed cast, personable characters and unique story lines that keep drawing you back week after week.

The Mentalist
(Season 3 premieres Thurs Sept 23 @ 10pm on NBC/CTV)
Between the various Law&Orders;, CSIs, NCISs and general cop shows, the last thing I want to see is another show with the same formula. While the Mentalist is often relatively predictable, it’s the characters that keep me watching, not the cases. I love Simon Baker as unconventional Patrick Jane and all the trouble he causes. And I’m a big fan of Robin Tunney (because of Empire Records, specifically the scene where she shaves her head) who plays his boss, Teresa Lisbon. The sexual chemistry and bickering between these two, not to mention the dynamic from the secondary characters on the squad, adds a little comedy and emotional drama to the tired police scene and who doesn’t love a little emotional drama?

Stay tuned for Veronica’s Picks!

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