Public Service Announcement:

We are writing here this morning to express our dire disappointment with Sushi Island. Last night, a Tuesday night, for no reason in particular, we went on our monthly sushi date to catch up on lost time, share some wine and poke fun at each other to see who would turn red the quickest. All of this was completed in a couple hours time in the comfort of Sushi Island, a place we’ve frequented at least once before. Yet, for some reason, this time our presence was met with hesitance and raised eyebrows.

It’s hard to believe the staff at Sushi Island has ever served alcohol before, or more specifically, wine. Not only did our waiter painfully struggle with opening our bottle (to the point where Veronica had to take the bottle from him and open it herself), but they were quick to deny us anything more than that bottle.

“Wow, you want a half litre of wine? Didn’t you just finish a bottle?” we were asked by our waiter in broken English. Yes, we did finish a bottle… which is why we are asking for more wine, please.

“How are you girls getting home?” test question number one. Subway. We pass. “Are you sure you don’t want anymore food?” test question number two. No, just the wine, thank you, we are stuffed.

Now, we understand the need to be responsible in such an atmosphere and I am sure they have regulations they need to follow, but there was no need to question our sobriety or meet our request with an empty and confusing stare.

Other than our laughter at the situation itself, we were just sitting there, eating, discussing. Sure, there was one loud outburst from Veronica after checking the Leaf score only to find they were down by two goals at the end of the first, but otherwise, nothing at all to provoke such a questioning response.

Apparently it’s uncommon for two girls to drink a bottle and a half of wine on a rainy Tuesday night for no other reason than mourning the cancellation of Medium. Who knew.