I’ve got a dream – Tangled: A Movie Review

We are aware that we’re about a month too late for this review but when it’s this awesome and enjoyable, you must forgive us. Disney movies have always held a place in our hearts (whether you can get Ashley to admit it or not), the catchy pop ballads and timeless stories will always bring us together to see each and every one.

Broken down simply, Tangled is a coming of age story that is relatable to anyone who has faced or is facing the burden of growing up and making their own choices. Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore) is on the cusp of adulthood and yet has not seen the world beyond her window, having been locked away in a doorless tower by her Mother Gothel, a selfish old wench who wants to hide Rapunzel and her golden secret from the world. Her only friend is her pet chameleon, Pascal.

She has dreamed of venturing out into the world, if only for just one night to see the lights that appear in the sky every year on her birthday. Her Mother refuses to grant her this gift, as she wants to keep Rapunzel’s magic hair all to herself. Of course, one day a handsome bandit named Flynn Rider (voiced by Zachary Levi), with smouldering good looks and charm, happens to find his way into her tower prison. Rapunzel is no fool and brushes off his advances, making a deal with him to take her to see the floating lights.

It is during their travels together towards the castle that Rapunzel is faced with the challenges of breaking free from the nest, finding who she is in a vast world while avoiding the perils of traveling with a wanted criminal. She realizes that not all is as it appears, ruffians do have dreams and her mother perhaps is not looking out for her best interest. And of course, she finds the meaning of true love.

Our favourite character by far was neither hero nor heroine. It was Maximus. A horse with canine qualities who stole every scene he was in. His expressions and mannerisms spoke louder than anything anyone could say. From his proud stance to his dogged determination in finding Flynn, Max was the best character to date to come from Disney studios.

Not realizing that this week would be a busy one for theatres, we went to see a relatively early show, a poor plan when seeing a movie geared towards children. There were many screaming children in there causing quite a distraction. It was unavoidable but the consistent wailing and cooing at nothing grew old, fast.

However, it is still a great movie to see as it leaves you with warm and fuzzy thoughts, just in time for the holidays.

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