The Mechanic: A movie review

Every now and then Veronica scores a movie pass to a yet to be released flick. How excited was she to not only get one, but one starring the handsome Jason Statham? While she wasn’t able to convince Ashley to come with, the pass was not to be wasted.

The Mechanic is an action packed movie about an elite hit man named Arthur Bishop (Statham) who faced a hard decision when his next job was to murder his own mentor and father figure, Harry McKenna (the irreverent Donald Sutherland). In Bishop’s quest to unravel the reason behind the hit on McKenna, he befriends Steve (Ben Foster) and teaches him the ways of a hired killer.

Admittedly, Statham is rather one dimensional and his roles never stray far from the action genre, but in The Mechanic, it works all in his favor. From his flat delivery to his insistence in doing all his own stunts, including leaping off a 30 story building, is what makes him a one of kind Action star.

This is a remake of the 1972 movie of the same name starring Charles Bronson. Hollywood is unable to come up with any new or different ideas of late so it’s not surprising that they’ve yet again re-made a cult classic with fluid and modernized stunts.

This badass movie loaded with brutal murders wasn’t enough for director Simon West (Con Air, Lara Croft), as he added in over the top explosions that were unnecessary. But he did balance it out nicely with the calm, quiet scenes of Bishop’s New Orleans secluded bayou home.

Aside from Statham’s obvious charm, this movie delivers more than what you’d expect from the trailer alone. It was a surprisingly enjoyable and entertaining ninety minutes of kickassery and macho fun.

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