Salon Escape’s Smooth Solutions to Wayward Hair

With the unfortunate departure of our favourite hair stylist at House of Mann in Brampton, we have been on a desperate hunt for the past six months for a new set of sheers to shape our ever growing locks.

Our salon wish list was based primarily on location and fee, but we also wanted to be sure we found a compatible stylist who understood what we were looking for and responded aptly. After some thorough research, we decided to make an appointment with Salon Escape in the heart of Yorkville.

Salon Escape prides themselves as “a team of committed professionals…. who want their customer’s well being to be a top priority.” A notion they put into full effect as soon as we walked into the salon, where we were warmly greeted by name, offered a hot beverage and had our coats taken from us before being led to a small but comfortable lounge to wait.

The salon itself is sharp. While there doesn’t seem to be an abundance of space, it’s idyllically laid out to prevent any sense of crowding. You aren’t overwhelmed by salon aromas, the music isn’t blaring and it’s genuinely a calm and relaxing atmosphere with friendly, attentive staff who you can tell have built an easy camaraderie with regular respected clients.

Detailed profiles of each stylist are available on the website to ensure the stylist you pick shares your vision, a helpful tool for when you are hoping for a natural chemistry. We read through these profiles in advance and booked our appointments with junior stylist Luc Ornsby, whose passion resides in long, strong, shiny hair.

With intense trim and treatment routines, Luc sells himself as the perfect stylist for those who want to gain or maintain length and keep a full head of healthy hair. Luc took the time to sit with us both individually to assess our follicle situation and familiarize himself with our morning routine, lifestyle and preferred ‘dos.

His thorough, detailed work is evidence that he takes pride in what he does and is adamant about wanting to give you the best possible results, even if that requires a progressive plan of action that involves different steps and multiple visits.

While there were a few minor miscommunications that are excusable with newly formed client relationships (ie: over styled bangs and unrequested volume), the general experience was just that, an experience, not just a hair cut – and one we will happily continue to endure.

images from official website