I want balls in my face! Bridesmaids: A movie review

With only a few days left before Ashley takes off on her European adventure, we decided to take in one last girly flick at Varsity VIP theatres last night. One of our favorite reasons for choosing this location is its proximity to our respective homes. And the fact that we can sit in a small, intimate theatre and have a glass (or a bottle in our case) of wine. If you haven’t seen a movie here yet, don’t delay. It’s well worth the price of admission.

Bridesmaids was a hilarious comedic romp through the trials and tribulations of Annie (Kristin Wiig), a down on her luck girl that has had to face failure in every aspect of her life. From being a sometimes booty call to the king of assholes, Ted, (Jon Hamm) to shutting down her dream; owning and running her own cakery. Annie has always been able to lean on her lifelong friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) and share everything with her until Lillian gets engaged.

Struggling with her own life and this new world Lillian has entered; Annie tries to be happy for her friend but has difficulty dealing with the change that showcases how different they actually are.

Helen (Rose Byrne) is Lillian’s new friend and is the obvious threat to Annie and her place in Lillian’s life. Helen is everything Annie is not, at least on the surface. This causes a rift between the two friends and the immediate power struggle and comedy for viewers, ensues.

Kristin Wiig was perfect for this role (she co-wrote it) and was able to mold Annie to the perfectly flawed, self-destructive character she is. Annie is so unhappy with who she is and doesn’t realizes her own self worth, that she can’t believe that a kind and cute Officer Rhodes (Chris O’Dowd) can actually show real affection for her.

As with most Judd Apatow comedies, there is a formula, but this estrogen fueled film differs in its delivery and clever use of crude characters Megan (Melissa McCarthy) which isn’t typically a role played by a female.

Bridesmaids was just a fun flick to watch, with or without wine. And just proves that Kristin Wiig is very girl crush worthy.

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