Celebs Abound

Today was just another Comic run Wednesday for Veronica and company at One Million Comix when lo and behold, in walks Golden Globe Award nominee Adam Beach (Flags of our Fathers, L & O: SVU and the highly anticipated Cowboys & Aliens) with what looked like his son Luke.

Veronica immediately took to the Twitterverse to alert her followers of this happenstance meeting. But being a true CityGirl and not wanting to disturb a fellow nerd’s comic selection, she did not approach him but watched him from a safe distance.

Mr. Beach is also known for hosting the annual National Aboriginal Achievement Awards, which celebrate excellence in our First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities nationwide.

Veronica contemplated snapping a picture of Mr. Beach but did not want to invade his privacy any further than she already had. Needless to say, their next “meeting” shall be when she sees Cowboys & Aliens in the theatre later this month.

Images from Google.