2011 Fall TV Preview – Episode One

It’s that time again! Well, not quite, but we’ve definitely fallen into the Summer TV hiatus and networks are scrambling to promote and create buzz around new and returning fall shows.

As in the past, even though we lack any real credentials to do so, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to highlight some of the upcoming fall shows we’re excited for. Over the next month leading up to premiere time, we’ll be pointing out some shows you should keep your schedule open for come Fall.

Ringer (Premieres Sept 13
@ 9pm – Global/CW)
Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar leads a similarly complicated and dangerous life as she goes on the run after witnessing a murder and assumes the life of her wealthy identical twin sister, which isn’t as idyllic as it may have seemed.

Why I’m watching: Not that TV is necessarily starving for strong female characters anymore, but the return of one of the originating kick-ass tough girls is something to be celebrated. Sarah Michelle Gellar may not be slaying any vampires this time around, but her history on the small screen is enough to put my stakes in.

Castle (Premieres Sept 19
@ 10pm –
Starring: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic

Castle is a true favorite of ours. Not just because of the storylines in which the characters are not afraid to poke fun at themselves, but also the undeniable chemistry between Richard Castle (Fillion) and Kate Beckett (Katic). What is surely going to be yet another explosive and entertaining season, we’ll finally learn the fate of Kate, having been shot at the end of season 3. Surely we know she will not die, Castle without Beckett is like milk without cookies. It just won’t happen.

But the real question that has been on our minds is, what is her response going to be to Castle’s desperate whispered declaration of love as he held her bleeding body in his arms? For that and to learn of the conspiracy behind her mother’s murder, we will tune in each and every Monday.

Why I keep watching: Richard Castle really is ruggedly handsome.

images from imdb