Fish Bar

It’s not every day that Veronica can convince Ashley to try something new, so when we were invited to Fishbar, a Canadian oyster and seafood small plate wine bar, Ashley had no choice but to put on a brave face and prove that she’s not just a small town girl by downing several (three) raw oysters.

Fishbar is located on Ossington Avenue just south of Dundas West, nestled amongst other trendy, intimate restobars. Our first impression was good. There are plenty of tables set close together but not so close that you’ll feel as though you’re on a double date. Each table was immaculately set and immediately inviting. We chose to sit right in the window so that we could get the fresh post rain evening air and enjoy our favourite past time – people watching.

We ordered our dozen oysters which came on a bed of ice accompanied by a trio of sauces. Veronica prefers just a squeeze of lemon juice to enhance the briny, succulent natural flavour of the oysters whereas Ashley drowned hers in lemon juice to eliminate any sort of oyster taste.

Our mains were two equally impressive plates of swordfish and artic char, complete with roasted veggies and potatoes. Of course, no CityGirls adventure is without several glasses of wine.

The staff at Fishbar were courteous and very knowledgeable, from telling us where the oysters were from to how the fish we ate were caught. They were very quick to clear our table and bring us fresh plates and cutlery between courses or top up our drinks.

We’d definitely recommend Fishbar for your next intimate date, but preferably a night when you don’t have to foot the bill. Next time, we will stay for dessert.

images (c)CityGirlScapes and Fishbar