T & S – Q & A

Unless you happen to be a rock journalist, the chance of ever getting to sit down with your favourite band for a Q & A is pretty unlikely. And even then, the questions you’re bound to ask are structured and limited to the tone of the article someone has told you to write, not based around your fangirl (or boy) interests. That is why the
Q & A
last night with Tegan and Sara at the TIFF Bell Lightbox was so awesome.

Seemingly always on the road, this time Tegan and Sara are touring through Canada screening three films that they are releasing as part of their CD/DVD package entitled “Get Along”, which was just released on November 15. In select cities after the films, they’ve been doing an hour Q&A; with fans.

Not only is it rare to see a band in that kind of environment, but the questions asked were from diehard fans with no other agenda than to have their brief moment of interaction with the twins. And while some questions bordered on ridiculous (really? You have the opportunity to ask your idols one question and that is what you go with?), the girls embraced their notorious on-stage banter and took everything in stride, whether responding to questions about the occupy movement, their sexuality or what half of their body they would want to be a hotdog.

This screening was a different twist on the typical movie screenings we’ve attended, combining the concert element with your general theatre experience. While Tegan and Sara shows are usually pretty intimate and interactive anyway, the Q & A element broadened that connection with their loyal fan base and brought you even closer into their lives.

The films – States, India and For the Most Part – compiled documented behind the scenes footage from Tegan and Sara tours through the United States and India, as well as a stripped down studio concert.

The first two films gave a brief peek into their off-stage lives while touring. Think of a polished home video, in a sense. The last film was an intimate private concert in a Vancouver warehouse in front of friends and family which really allowed their talents and stage presence to shine through. They spoke briefly about the inspiration behind some songs and really put themselves out there for the camera. It was a flawless view of what these girls are all about.

Knowing what we know about Tegan and Sara, there was no doubt that last night would be an amazing, unique experience. The way they present themselves to their fans, realizing how different their lives are but still trying to put forth an effort to make that connection to anyone who came to see them, that’s not something you see from every musician.

Though they admit that their presence on stage is a performance, they remain true to who they are and that realness and openness is why they have been selling out venues all over Canada in less than 20 minutes just for the brief opportunity to connect with them as artists and people.

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