Of all the Safe Houses in all the world – Safe House Review

When Veronica came upon a screener pass for Safe House, she knew we had to go. After all, Ryan Reynolds is hot and he was surely going to take off his shirt at some point. And we were not disappointed.

We can’t say that we’re huge fans of action flicks but this one brought us closer to being fans. With a run time of almost two hours, it was an adrenaline filled chase through the streets of Cape Town, with the requisite gun fights and explosions. And surprisingly enough, they didn’t rely on having eye candy for this one to be enjoyable for all.

Safe House stars Ryan Reynolds as Matthew Weston, a safe house caretaker in Cape Town, who is still green in the CIA’s eyes. The irreverent Denzel Washington plays ex-CIA operative gone rogue Tobin Frost. Frost is legendary not only in his quick rise within the CIA but his ability to blend in and successfully complete all assignments.

Whatever this film lacked in dialogue it sure made up for it in the non-stop action, with only breaks for us to catch our breath and understand how Frost functions. Surprisingly, Reynolds was able to hold his own against Washington and made for a believable naïve CIA agent.

With everyone on high alert since Frost came back on the grid, death and destruction follows his every move. What makes this film work well was the location showing us the urban scenery of downtown Cape Town as well as the less affluent areas.

Safe House wouldn’t have been as enjoyable without a few twists and turns, and even though the average viewer will be able to figure out the plot and outcome easily, it was still a fun ride.

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