Snaps to Legally Blonde: The Musical

Oh my god, oh my god you guys! Last night we went to see Legally Blonde: the Musical at the Lower Ossington Theatre (LOT) and the production was, like, totally awesome!

Now, before you judge us, take a long look at yourself in the mirror and tell us that there hasn’t been a time that you were flipping through the channels and before you knew it, you were suckered into watching Reese Witherspoon in her last season Prada shoes taking on Harvard Law School? Because that’s the power of pink, it comes out of nowhere.

Much like the movie, it’s hard not to love the LOT production of the musical, though we tried to. After the first scene with a gaggle of sorority girls running around screeching Omigod! as they celebrate an anticipated engagement, we wanted nothing but to high-tail it out of there.

But then Anna Hurshman makes her first appearance as Elle Woods and that big bubbly personality whisks all your negativity away. As Elle warms up to the realities of the real world and law school, we warmed up to her positivity and cutesy persona and before long, were rooting for her to kick that no good Warner (Jeff Hookings) to the curb and realize that her true potential is far more than a piece of arm candy.
Legally Blonde: the Musical takes all the classic scenes from the movie and turns them into fun, flirty numbers like the Bend and Snap or the outrageous Gay or European. Not to mention the sexy strut of the UPS guy Kyle (Trevor Williams) and his relationship with the busty Ireland loving Paulette (Heidi Thomas).

Unfortunately, tomorrow night is closing night on this production, so if you don’t already have tickets, you’re out of luck. And sure, you may think that saves face and you can avoid the shame of actually admitting to enjoying a piece of puff production, but we double Delta Nu sister swear that it’s your loss.

Next up at LOT – RENT.

images from Google images / Seanna Kennedy