Monday Night TV Guide

              The Carrie Diaries (Premieres TBD Mid-season @ 9 pm – CW)
Starring: AnnaSophia RobbAustin ButlerBrendan Dooling and Chloe Bridges

As a SATC fan, this is a must see. Even if it flops, we will tune in to see what Carrie Bradshaw was like as a teen. Since this is being given the “CW” treatment, we’re sure we won’t see the more risqué scenes that made SATC what it was. It’s going to be interesting to see Carrie fall in love for the first time with Manhattan and start a running count of how many times they mention “New York City” or “Manhattan”.

Why we’re going to watch: It’s Carrie effin Bradshaw before Big.

Revolution (Premieres September 17 @ 10pm – NBC)
Starring: Shane Callahan, Ken Arnold, Billy Burke

Another post-apocalyptic sci-fi show. After an unknown phenomenon fifteen years ago permanently disabled all advanced technology on the planet – computers, electronics, car engines, jet engines, batteries etc – people have adapted to a world without technology. Revolution focuses on the Matheson family and their journey to uncover what happened to cause this phenomenon and their struggle to find a way to reverse its effects while eluding various enemy groups, warlords and militias.

Why we’re going to watch: This was created by Eric Kripke (who created Supernatural), J.J. Abrams (co-creator of Lost and Fringe) and the pilot was directed by Iron Man director Jon Favreau. What more could you ask for?

Castle (Premieres Sept 24 @ 10pm – CTV/ABC)
Starring: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic

So it finally happened. The highly anticipated coming together of Beckett and Castle actually happened! We weren’t exactly surprised that this came about now, after 4 seasons. We’re just apprehensive as to what this means for the dynamic duo. The reason Castle works so well as a show was the undeniable sexual tension between Castle and Beckett.

Luckily, this show has so much more to give and with a strong studio backing, we can rest assured that Beckett and Castle will live on to many, many more encounters.

Why you should watch: Not to be a broken record but, Richard Castle really is ruggedly handsome.

Honourable Mentions

How I Met Your Mother Premieres September 24 @ 8pm – CBS
2 Broke Girls Premieres September 24 @ 9pm – CBS

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