Stargazing Part 1

Who knew that a random Thursday in August could be so exciting? Veronica started off today like any other, heading into the office. Except, today was the day she got to meet Colin Egglesfield (Melrose Place) and Rebecca Field (American Reunion) from the new LifeTime show, The Client List!

It’s days like these that Veronica is ever so thankful to be lucky enough to work in the television industry. Colin and Rebecca were trotted out and put on display for all us lucky fans to have our pictures taken with them and to get autographed photos of them!

It’s always refreshing to see two stars that are down to earth and genuinely happy to be here meeting people. Colin was very warm (ok, hot) to the touch and was such a sweetheart. He even complimented Veronica on her choice of a hot pink rubber case for her iPhone!

Morning mission was complete!