Stargazing Part 2

Crashing the Set of TMI!

Wow. Today started off great already. Veronica got to meet Colin Egglesfield and then after a search on Twitter, quickly figured out that City of Bones was filming close by at Knox College in the UofT campus and knew she had to grab a friend and head to the scene!

We weren’t sure exactly where they were filming or whether they would be outside the college, but as we walked down St. George Street, we saw the trucks and all the lighting equipment and knew we had arrived! At this point we were fairly certain that Knox College will be where the Institute is. And it is a very good choice, as it looks what we imagined it to look like.

From there, we snuck around the side and saw that they were setting up for an outdoor scene which looked like it might be the Greenhouse. They had set up several green screens which would indicate some sort of action sequence. Our first pass through we were stealthy and made it.

Unfortunately, we also arrived at lunch so cast and crew was on break and lunching inside the Howard Ferguson Hall. When we approached, we saw one woman leave but it wasn’t anyone we recognized.

But we weren’t done with our covert affair as we decided to make another pass through the side of the college. We headed back onto St. George Street and we heard one of the production staff full out yelling on her cell phone. It went something like this “I’m on a street in BLEEPING Toronto!! I need you to get off the BLEEPING writer’s laptop!!”. We sure wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that phone call!

Our second pass through behind the scene wasn’t as covert. We were caught back there and quickly escorted (not so kindly) out of the area. But we got what we came there for, another behind the scene picture! 

The only thing that would’ve made this day better is if we got to stick around to see a scene filmed or one of the stars. You can rest assured that as long as City of Bones continues to film around here, we will be on scene to report!

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