Pitch Perfect makes aca-mazing mouth music

When I saw this preview a few months back, I knew immediately that I had to see it. Not because it looked amazing or that it looked like a Glee knock off, but simply because it was a musical with an American Pie feel to it. A pre-screen pass fell into my lap and I grabbed the nearest girl and we went.

Pitch Perfect stars Anna Kendrick (Twilight) as Beca, an emotionally stunted freshman at Barden University, who would rather make music than speak to people. Striking an agreement with her father, Beca agrees to give university a try for one year, joining a club, making friends and at the end of the year, if she chooses, he’ll send her to LA pursue her music producing dreams.

With an ensemble of a strong female cast including Brittany Snow, Alexis Knapp and Anna Camp, Pitch Perfect manages to be funny, well balanced, and witty with enough hilarity to keep even the male audience in stitches. But the show was stolen by Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids), whose one liners and self deprecating attitude turned this from something I liked to something I loved.

No movie about growth and self actualization would be complete without a bit of conflict and a love interest for Beca. Skylar Astin did a remarkable job of playing the adorable albeit pushy Jesse in trying to get her to open up and break down all the emotional walls.

As usual, the storyline (there actually was one) was predictable but enjoyable nonetheless. Pitch Perfect blended a series of pop songs without making it cheesy (like Glee) and they certainly weren’t afraid to stray into songs like Blackstreet’s No Diggity sang by the Bellas.

Don’t be an aca-loser, get out and see Pitch Perfect when it hits limited theatres on Friday September 28th. You’ll be aca-glad you did.

4 Rachel Berry’s out of 5 Kenickies.

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