Safe Haven – A Movie Review

Last night these CityGirls and their gaggle of girl friends had the opportunity to see a prescreen of Safe Haven before masses of girls drag their unfortunate boyfriends out to see it. Believe it or not but while we waited for our party to arrive, Ashley was caught grooving to the tunes of Justin Bieber!

Safe Haven is yet another adaptation from best seller novelist Nicholas Sparks. If you’ve never read any of his books, they all basically go like this: boy meets girl, they fall in love. One or both are deeply flawed. One may have a hidden, dark past. Once they realize that their love is greater than any obstacle, someone dies. Safe Haven is no different. It’s not new or even refreshing but it is entertaining and worth watching on cable.

Katie (Julianna Hough) is on the run, in search of her safe haven away from her past. She stumbles on Southport and decides to stay. One can hardly blame her for wanting to; it’s on the beach with a tight knit community. Not wanting to get close to anyone or setting down roots, she keeps everyone at arm’s length but she can’t help but notice Alex (Josh Duhamel), a widower with two young children. 

Unfortunately, Katie’s past come roaring back into her life, putting her life and the lives of Alex and his children in danger. The South Carolina coast is simply beautiful and that alone was worth the price of admission.

As with most movies being released these days, they are just too simple. We’d figured out exactly what was going on from within the first few minutes and spent the majority of the film waiting for it to catch up to us. But even so, the romance part of it wasn’t completely nauseating and you won’t need a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and tissue to watch. 

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