Book Review: The Flamethrowers

The Flamethrowers by Rachel Kushner was a dizzying ride through 1977’s New York City during the artist explosion and as seen through Reno, a young woman on the verge.

There are so few authors that can weave such a quick paced narrative storyline, while building the right imagery and creating vivid characters. The flashes back and forth between Reno and Sandro are interspersed with the Valera backstory which shows the flair of penmanship. Never once are you confused with the complex chain of events that leads Sandro and Reno to Italy where a scandal thrusts Reno square in the unrest there.

What I enjoyed immensely from The Flamethrowers was the narrative. Often I find myself in many lines of thoughts and Reno, in the telling of her story does exactly that. 
If you need a novel that will keep you reading on, even after its over, pick this one up.
images from Goodreads