Savages @ the Mod Club

Every since seeing Savages at the Horseshoe during CMW, we’ve been keeping an eye out for a triumphant return to Toronto behind their anticipated new album Silence Yourself.

There was a lot of buzz about the sold out Savages show last night at the Mod Club. And rightly so. The Mod Club was more crowded than I have seen it in ages, the venue filling up even before the first act came on stage.

Expanding on the rocking CMW showcase, these girls have found their groove on stage. Their sound was tight and their stage dynamic, while minimal, was still dramatic enough to revive a dead crowd who seemed to barely make it through the humdrum drone of an opener.

Displaying more aggression than probably every other new band you see these days, Savages sound and overall presence combines the dark, haunting Euro-feel with a fresh presence that the music scene is in dire need of these days.



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