CityGirls 13-14 Fall TV Guide

Every year us CityGirls are giddy with excitement when September rolls around. The new Fall TV season is almost upon us and we’re busy figuring out how to PVR all of our returning favorites and new must see shows! This year instead of giving you a synopsis of each show and the reasons why we watch it, we’re going to break it down by genre and give you a glimpse into the inner us.

We are not ashamed to say we are nerdy girls and will always be attracted to shows that play to that. We’re predicting that this year’s break out hit will be ABC’s Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. We’re just not saying this because we loved The Avengers, but it’s by Joss Whedon and that man can do no wrong. 

Must watch Nerdy shows:

· Almost Human (Mondays @ 8pm on FOX, Global)
· Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Tuesdays @ 8pm on ABC, CTV)
· Supernatural (Tuesdays @ 9pm on CW) * ^
· Revolution (Wednesdays @ 8pm on NBC, CityTV)
· Arrow (Wednesdays @ 8pm on CW, CTV) *
· The Tomorrow People (Wednesdays @ 9pm on CW, CTV)*
· The Big Bang Theory (Thursdays @ 8pm on CBS, CTV)

Must watch Dramas:

· Castle (Mondays @ 10pm on ABC, CTV)
· The Blacklist (Mondays @ 10pm on NBC, Global)
· Sons of Anarchy (Tuesdays @ 10pm on FXX) *
· Nashville (Wednesdays @ 10pm on ABC, CityTV)
· Homeland (Sundays @ 9pm on Showtime)
· Masters of Sex (Sundays @ 10pm on Showtime)

Must watch Horror ^:

· Supernatural (Tuesdays @ 9pm on CW)
· American Horror Story (Wednesdays @ 10pm on FXX)
· Grimm (Fridays @ 9pm on NBC, CTV)
· The Walking Dead (Sundays @ 9pm on AMC)

Must watch Comedy:

· New Girl (Tuesdays @ 9pm on FOX, CityTV)
· Community (Midseason, TBS on NBC)
· It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Wednesdays @ 10pm on FXX)
· The Big Bang Theory (Thursdays @ 8pm on CBS, CTV)
· Parks and Rec (Thursdays @ 8pm on NBC)

Must watch show due to high numbers of Hot Guys * :

· Supernatural (Tuesdays @ 9pm on CW)
· Arrow (Wednesdays @ 8pm on CW, CTV)
· The Tomorrow People (Wednesdays @ 9pm on CW, CTV)
· Sons of Anarchy (Tuesdays @ 10pm on FXX)

You’ve probably noticed that a few shows overlapped into a several CityGirls genres. This simply couldn’t be helped. Many of the returning shows we’ve watched from since Season 1, episode 1 and whether for nostalgic or love for certain actors, we keep watching. Sometimes, a show just gets it right each and every episode.

If you’re still undecided about how to schedule your TV watching this fall, we recommend that you visit The Futon Critic for indepth synopses and premiere dates. We hope you’ll be as hooked on TV as we are.