Book Review: The Secret Keeper

Having been a fan of Kate Morton for years now, Veronica was super excited to finally get her hands on Morton’s newest novel, The Secret Keeper. And she’s so glad she did. And even more glad that it wasn’t anything like The Distant Hours. 

In 1961, sixteen year old Laurel Nicolson witnesses an event so shocking she suppresses it. Not understanding what happened and being unable to discuss it with anyone, including her mother who knew the truth of it, she moves on. Becomes an actress. In 2011, Laurel is now in her sixties and her mother is dying, returning to her childhood home opens up those old memories and she embarks on unravelling what happened long ago and her dying mother’s involvement. 

Morton scored another with The Secret Keeper and brought back so many of the twisting elements that made me love The Forgotten Garden so much. Her writing style is clear and even when she leads you down the rabbit hole, you go willingly and gladly. 

We love it when an author makes you want to wait to read the story on the pages and slowly reveal the truths rather than being able to guess the ending a hundred pages in. 

The modern day weaving with the past is what makes The Secret Keeper so rich and each character is so well written, you can’t help but root for a certain one’s demise or success. 

If you’re a Kate Morton Fan and missed the awesomeness of The Forgotten Garden, pick up The Secret Keeper, you won’t be disappointed.

CityGirl Rating: 5 out of 5 glasses of wine