Food Review: Kenzo Ramen

It’s no secret that these CityGirls have a love for good food with a willingness to try just about anything. Ashley has come a long way from her small town roots and eating mostly chicken fingers and fries. Veronica will devour everything that is placed in front of her so this friendship was perfect.

A few weeks ago as the weather turned, Veronica tried out Kenzo Ramen with a friend and enjoyed it. Ashley, being curious expressed her desire to give it a try. Last night they went.

ImageKenzo Ramen is rather unassuming on a nondescript strip of Yonge Street, just south of Wellesley. The interior is fairly basic but not crowded. Service is always quick and the staff greets everyone in Japanese. We ordered the Gyoza (pork dumplings) which are large and delectable. The wrapping to filling ratio is spot on, and is the must have starter at Kenzo.

ImageAshley ordered the Netsu Ramen with Chicken and Veronica ordered Tonkatsu Miso Ramen. Both came out promptly and was perfectly steaming. The miso ramen broth was superb. A great balance of pork bone broth and miso complemented the blend of veggies and ramen. The spicy Netsu ramen broth was equally tasty with just enough kick to wake the taste buds.

But, as with most noodle soup places, Ashley only really enjoys the broth. We wouldn’t call this a full success for Ashley’s first (and probably last) foray into the wonderfully tasty world of ramen, but she made a valiant effort in trying something new.

ImageIf you’re in the mood for noodle soup though, do give Kenzo Ramen a try. Veronica has yet to meet a bowl there that she doesn’t like.