Book Review: Gone Girl

GONE_GIRLWe initially avoided reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn because of all the hype around it. Ben Affleck is directing and starring in a movie based on the book. Taylor Schilling’s character is reading it in the first season of Orange is the New Black. Everyone was talking about it, much like when 50 Shades of Grey hit.

We avoided that monstrosity successfully, but this time around we weren’t so lucky. We can’t figure out what made us give in, but we can now say, with confidence, that all that racket was justifiable.


Gone Girl is written so that you’re kept wanting to turn the page long after you’re done reading. Very few authors are that compelling.

I guess part of the appeal to me was knowing that at some point in all women’s lives, we’ve known or dated a Nick Dunne. I was stunned, but entertained, when some of the conversations between Nick and Amy could’ve been in my own. I seriously thought my home had been bugged for this story!

As far as psychological thrillers go, this one is tops and should be read by everyone. The courtship and subsequent relationship between Amy and Nick is beyond messed up but is what makes it such a great read.


Gillian Flynn gives us quite a ride with this marriage-murder thriller. Words are her weapon and you are at her mercy. One minute you are sympathetic to a character and by the end of a page, you completely hate them. I haven’t read such an emotionally stirring book for quite some time.

The pace keeps you running, trying to keep up. You think you know what is going to happen, that you’ve discovered the big plot twist, but then the book calls out the twist and you realize that was only one layer of a very complex and sinister story.

Things slow down a bit towards the end, it seems like it’s dragging in comparison to everything that unraveled previously. But it isn’t a nice, tidy, cliche ending, which I can appreciate.

You can count me among those praising this book. Read it.

City Girl Rating: Five out of Five glasses of wine