Food Review: Patty & Franks

Patty & FranksWhat’s a better name for a gourmet burger and hot dog joint than Patty & Franks? We are always on the hunt for a good burger, and with a name like that, we couldn’t pass up checking them out.

When two gals with different tastes and levels of pickiness go out to lunch, menu variety is a must. Patty & Franks has a menu chocked full of signature gourmet burgers and franks, build your own options, as well as veggie patties, whole wheat buns and gluten free alternatives.

imagejpeg_3Veronica happily ordered the More Cheese burger on a whole wheat bun with a poutine, while Ashley let her picky taste buds build her own burger (which basically just consisted of cheese, lettuce, pickles, ketchup and mustard. Boring!) also on a whole wheat bun, with a side of onion rings.

The Good
: Veronica’s poutine was good. There were a lot of cheese curds and the gravy was hot enough to perfectly melt them. Each burger was grilled correctly and was quite tasty. Ashley’s boring plain burger was just what she wanted. The portions were large, the burger was a substantial size and not overloaded with fillers to make it look that way.

The Meh: Choosing the whole wheat bun for the grilled cheese-buns on Veronica’s burger was a bad choice. The bun changed the texture of the grilled cheesiness and it didn’t really work. The onion rings were HUGE, but sometimes bigger isn’t better. There was a lot of extra breading which made them more doughy than crispy, not really what we were expecting to bite into. The prices look really reasonable, but once you start adding combos and sides, it puts you up around the $15 mark, though that tends to be average for a gourmet burger meal. imagejpeg_2

Overall: We will definitely make the trip back for the burger and the poutine is worth checking out again. Ashley would opt out of a side next time, but that isn’t enough to keep her away from a good, solid burger.