Book Review: The Demonologist

demonologistLast January, a year before its release, Ashley read and reviewed an advanced copy of Andrew Pyper’s The Demonologist. She thought Pyper set “a dissonant, melancholy tone that often unleashes a certain creepiness that crawls down your spine and settles in your core” and rated it 4 out of 5 glasses of wine.

A year later, as The Demonologist prepared for its official release, Veronica received a second advanced copy from Goodreads first reads program and Simon and Schuster Canada and decided to add in her take.


I enjoyed The Demonologist by Andrew Pyper. It took a simple tale of possession and spun it in an interesting way by bypassing the whole church element and went into the more academic side by weaving Milton’s Paradise Lost throughout. That alone hooked me from the start.

Pyper’s clever use of the mystery solving was reminiscent of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code but more entertainingly so.

I was a little disappointed in the rather rushed ending but can see how well suited this novel is for a movie adaptation.

City Girl Rating: 4 out of 5 glasses of wine