Food Review: Mill St. Brew Pub

logoLooking for a low key post-work Friday night dinner, we decided to check out the Mill St. Brew Pub in the beautiful Distillery District, which always sets the night off on the right foot.

IMG_2266With a massive menu of drinks and food, plus the addition of the Winterlicious menu, we were overwhelmed with options. While everything sounded appetizing, we settled on pulled pork carnitas to start, with fish and chips and an angus burger to follow.

The Good: An overwhelming selection of beer, beer cocktails, other alcoholic concoctions. The beer cocktails were interesting, it definitely took a IMG_2268couple to decide whether what we were tasting was good or not, but they are a good twist on the beverage if you don’t feel like having a straight up beer.

The pulled pork carnitas were delightful. Ashley does not like pork, but even she couldn’t get enough of these. There was even talk of forgoing a main course and just ordering another carnita appetizer. (We may or may not have gotten one to go.)

Also, our server Nicole was incredible. Not only did she know the Mill St. Pub menu inside out, we had a deep discussion about burgers around the city and she knew all the best places and also the behind the scenes processing and actual cooking of the burgers. She went beyond her obligatory small talk and really made us feel welcome.

IMG_2267The Meh: The food (aside from the carnitas) was subpar. It wasn’t horrible, but it certainly isn’t enough to have us trek back down to the Distillery again. The fish was kind of bland, for being made in a beer batter, it just seemed to be tasteless.

The atmosphere as a whole is great, but the seating is uncomfortable. The tables are small and scattered all over the place so once it fills up, you feel kind of claustrophobic. It probably didn’t help that we were seated right by the entrance, so we were cold and constantly being interupted by people greeting new customers.

Overall: Apparently there is a Beer Hall right next door, which might be a better bet next time. Mill St. definitely knows their beer and sometimes that’s all you need.