Food Review: Sushi Place

logoveronica | Since having a baby, I haven’t been out much and trying new places to eat is few and far between. But every once in a while, a new flyer pops into the mail box that makes us want to give them a try and being limited to take-out, there’s no better time to try these places than now.

Sushi Place just opened up a few blocks away and with Ashley and Aila visiting, it was the perfect opportunity to order in. Party Platter E (64 pieces, $55) was ordered and history was made. The platter was plentiful for 3 hungry girls with a nice variety of sushi, sashimi and rolls.

party traySushi Place also boasts an all you can eat buffet in their restaurant, which we will try out when the weather is nicer.

The Good: There was more than enough to feed us without any filler. Each roll was expertly made and extremely fresh.  The Salmon Dragon Roll (tempura shrimp, tobiko, cucumber, avocado with salmon on top) was especially tasty. Each piece of sashimi was satisfying and just hit the spot.

The Meh: Unfortunately Sushi Place skimped out on the pickled ginger (palate cleanser) and since we had such a huge variety of tasty sushi to consume, it got difficult to enjoy the next piece when the taste of the previous piece was still on our tongue.

The name – Sushi Place – seems incredibly generic and might ward off new customers who don’t have the knowledge that the place is, in fact, legit and tasty.

Overall: We will definitely order from Sushi Place again. The freshness and tasty morsels have won us over, and if delivery sushi could be this good then what we get in the restaurant must be better!