Food Review: Parts & Labour

logoThe first time we went to Parts & Labour, we mistakenly ended up at the Parts & Labour Burger shop just after it first opened and were shoved out of the way by a drunk man who had just smashed in someone’s car windows and was on the run from the angry owner. Thankfully, we found our bearings and our way to the original restaurant further down Queen Street and enjoyed a much less dramatic, but more enjoyable evening.

Our reason for seeking out P&L was simple: we needed to try their burger, which was voted best burger in Toronto on Burger Wars. The burger is 7 ounces of Canadian brisket that they ground in-house daily, dill-mayo, bacon-onion jam, iceberg lettuce and Monterey Jack cheese on a toasted Blackbird Baking Company milk bun. The menu recommends that you order it cooked medium without substitutions, so that’s what we did.

02The Good: Behold – Toronto’s Best Burger! We can see how this won. The burger genuinely is a fiercely delicious work of art that makes the trek to the other side of the city endlessly worth it. Ashley really isn’t a huge burger fan, can’t really tell the difference between a good burger or a plain ol’ burger, but the P&L burger has changed her entire perspective of burger consumption.  The size is generous and it comes with a plateful of fries. Well worth the price point.

The borderline hipster atmosphere is actually pretty cozy and creative. The decor is mostly handmade and it’s a very simplistic design, which gives focus more to what you’re eating than what is around you. No distraction from the main attraction.

partsThe Meh: While the atmosphere and design is great, we hate the long tables that force you to get right up and comfy with your neighbour. We’re all for social gatherings but sometimes you don’t want to be literally rubbing elbows with the diner beside you.

Overall: Convenience plays a lot into our food destinations, but the fact that we have travelled over an hour across the city multiple times just for this one burger says it all. If you can find a better burger in Toronto, we owe you a bottle of wine.