Food Review: The Lakeview Restaurant

IMG_logo_splash_storeveronica | The Lakeview Restaurant is one of those unassuming diners that is often overlooked as a dining option outside of after bar hours. Sure, it’s old school charms are kitschy, but when you’re looking for stick to your gut greasy foods after a marathon drinking session, the fact that it’s open 24 hours a day is rather appealing.

If you’re an avid TV or movie watcher, you’ll notice how many shows and movies have used The Lakeview as their bar (Hairspray, Suits). And last year it was one of Guy Fieri’s stops on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. I stopped in again the day before filming to grab lunch.

The Good: As far as bar food goes, The Lakeview stands on its own. With its massive menu and all day breakfast, they have something that will satisfy all cravings.

Highlights are: deep fried pickles and the golden handshake burger. 02The deep fried pickles were a perfectly golden spear, fried to perfection. The burger was a satisfying bite. The best part of getting a burger at The Lakeview is the fact they serve it with a 50/50 split of crispy golden fries and a healthy salad.

The Meh: Service can be slow at times but when the food is this tasty, you really don’t mind.

Overall: This is one of our favourite west end joints and we will be coming back time and time again. Next time though, we’ll give the apple pie milkshake a try.