City Adventure: the Veronica Mars movie

PosterToday is the day that Ashley has been waiting years for. An obsessive fan of Veronica Mars, she was heartbroken when the three-season series was cruelly cancelled back in 2007. But what dies doesn’t always stay dead, apparently. At least not thanks to Kickstarter.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you have probably heard about the record breaking Kickstarter campaign show creator Rob Thomas (no, not the Matchbox 20 guy) and Kristen Bell changed the face of movies with. All things sucker when it comes to Veronica Mars, Ashley poured her hard earned paycheque into the campaign and tonight she’s reaping those benefits.

While the pure awesomeness that is the Veronica Mars movie remains to be seen (though there’s absolutely no doubt it will be awesome), here’s a list of reasons why you should watch through the three seasons of Veronica Mars and then go see the movie.

Kristen-Bell-in-Veronica-Mars-2014-Movie-Image01.   Veronica Mars. Just because you can list off on your fingers a number of strong, smart female characters in television doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more. Veronica is smart, witty, strong, always trying to be the best that she can be. She makes mistakes, she ends up in trouble more often than not, but she is one of those charming, smart characters that you want to be best friends with or aspire to be. And Kristen Bell is badass. In fact, all the characters are great. There isn’t a single weak link in the whole crowd. You’ll love them. You’ll hate them. You’ll love to hate them.

02. Third season aside, the show is incredibly clever and well written. Creator Rob Thomas knows what he’s doing and has a track record of cult tv shows that followed Veronica Mars to prove it (Party Down, Cupid). Unfortunately, those shows had the same sad fate, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t respected and acknowledge by an elite group.

cast03. The cast. Most of the Veronica Mars cast has still kept in touch and hang out regularly, which is cool as it is. But despite their own successes outside of the show, they all banded together to come back for the movie, spent hours upon hours signing merchandise for Kickstarter rewards, spent their limited free time interacting with fans and doing Q&As and have poured their blood and soul into this movie not for the paycheque, but because the show is special to them, too. It’s not just some line on their resume, it’s bigger than that.

04. The guest spots. Period. At the time the show was filmed, the majority of the guest spot actors were unknown, but if you go back and watch the series now, years later, in almost every episode you will recognize a familiar face from somewhere. Leighton Meester. Adam Scott. Dianna Agron. Max Greenfield. Jessica Chastain. Armie Hammer. Michael Cera. Ari Graynor. Jane Lynch. Plus a million others. And if rumors are true, the movie is going to offer us a whole handful more of exciting guest appearances. Everyone loves a good cameo.

Veronica Mars05. The show is real. Sure, the idea of a high school teen detective sounds a bit campy, but the show deals with very real, very true scenarios that a lot of people can relate to. It’s set in a small, fictional town where the population is divided between the super rich kids with their billionaire families and movie star parents and the rest of the town, the lower-middle class outcasts and people from the other side of the tracks.

On the high school level, Veronica finds herself in the middle of everyday high school problems between the popular kids, bullying, missing play books, peer pressures, partying and various other normal high school situations you’ve probably encountered and wished you had a fairy god detective to help you solve them. Outside of class, Veronica helps her father (who by his own right should be another point to watch the show) with his detective duties and gets wrapped up in bigger murder cases. Every story line is interesting and the interwoven themes make it very interesting to watch.

Really, you can only take our word for it at this point, but we promise you, if you give an episode of Veronica Mars a shot, you will be immediately addicted and wonder why you hadn’t thought to look into it sooner.

The Veronica Mars movie opens in AMC theaters in a number of countries today! So hone up on your episodes, let Veronica into your life and prepare to have your mind blown. After all, it’s epic.

** UPDATE ** SPOILERS ** Ashley saw the movie Friday night, as planned. She got to the theatre an hour before show time and there was already a line. The theatre was packed full by the time the lights dimmed. Ultimately, fans will not be disappointed. The movie delivered everything it promised, lots of guest appearances, witty lines, a LoVe reunion, everything to make you swoon.

The only complaint would be that perhaps a bit too much effort went into these details, that there were a few sloppy moments in the plot line and overall movie. Surprisingly, though Ashley will always be Team Logan, the movie really made her like and respect Piz a whole lot more and the way Veronica just drops him and how easy he gives up on her, it just didn’t sit well. Shall we say, Ashley was a little pizzed off with how that all went down.

Even so, here’s hoping for a sequel!