Food Review: Ha Gow Dim Sum House

20111228-hagowveronica | When Ha Gow opened on the Danforth by Ashley’s office, she convinced me to join her for lunch to check it out. I had my doubts. This was in the middle of Greektown, it couldn’t possibly compare to the places in Chinatown, right? Boy was I wrong!

We ordered a selection of dim sum, including Har Gow, deep fried shrimp dumplings, spring rolls, steamed eggplant, Shu Mai, black bean steamed port ribs and cantonese chow mein.

Har GowThe Good: The skin on the Har Gow was slightly thicker than I was used to, but the filling was generous without being overbearing. The Shu Mai was also quite perfect and really tasty. The ribs weren’t too fatty and hand the perfect blend of bone to meat. The deep fried shrimp dumplings weren’t too greasy or overly battered, which is a nice change from other dim sum places.

Including spicy hot mustard at each table is a must for dim sum and was much appreciated.

Deep Fried ShrimpThe Meh: The Cantonese Chow Mein was a miss. The noodles were not cooked well and the veggie/meat mix was bland. Not worth it and we will not order this again.

The restaurant is set up as a service counter, where you hand in an order form and retrieve your hot sauce and chop sticks yourself, with limited seated and a crowded feeling when it gets busy.

Overall: All in all, a nice experience for a quick pop in lunch that is quite closer to our offices than Chinatown. We will be back.