Book Review: Defiance

The Cursed Ones have destroyed most of civilization.  A tyrant rules Baalboden.  Girls are assigned protectors until they are of claiming age.  While other girls in Baalboden are leani
ng how to cook and sew, Rachel is learning how to fight and survive in the wasteland. When her father is declared dead, Rachel is assigned a new protector.  Logan, her father’s 19 years old apprentice. Logan, the boy who turned her down when she had professed her love, 2 years earlier.  Rachel is strong willed and impulsive, where Logan is logical and methodical.  They both believe that her father is alive.  Traveling the wastelands to find her father and the package the he was keeping away from the Commander.  What they find is something that will tear their whole world apart.


jen | Defiance by C.J. Redwine is not just another dystopian tale.  It is also full of fantasy.  Redwine paints a picture of absolute surrender of the people to the will of the Commander.  Bend to his will, to be protected; his tyranny knew no bounds.  Our heroine, Rachel goes through quite a transformation, from someone fierce and headstrong, to someone who is still strong but also broken, through the choices she made and the actions she had to take.  

The story is told from two different perspectives, Rachel and Logan’s.  I liked that I was able to see situations from the two different views.  That being said I did find that sometime I would forget whose point of view I was reading from.  The narrative voice sounded the same, especially in the middle of the book. The book is fast-paced and you move very quickly through it.

If you’re looking for a story about love, hope, and fire breathing monsters, then you’ve found the right one.  This book is full of action, I couldn’t put down. I’ve already finished the second book in the trilogy (same day). Review to come.