Food Review: Doughnut Showdown Part 2: Glory Hole Doughnuts

Last week, we posted Part 1 of our Doughnut Showdown featuring Von Doughnuts on the Danforth.  This week, we continue with Part 2!

gloryholelogoveronica | Situated on a lonely patch of Queen West, a skip away from Roncesvalles, Glory Hole Doughnuts is a beacon on a stormy night. Typical of shops in the area, Glory Hole is small but efficient.

Hoping that they were as tasty as advertised, I picked up a selection for part two of our doughnut showdown: Sweet Ginger, PB & J, Lemon Meringue, Pistachio, Cherry Pie and After 8AM.

Glory Hole 1The Good: The dough, each one was light and airy, like they’re supposed to be. We were impressed with the presentation of each one as well. Our favourites were the Lemon meringue and the PB & J.

Glory Hole 2The Meh: Sweet Ginger was the poorest of the bunch. We were looking for more of an impact with the candied ginger and although the fried wonton strips were fun, they fell off when the doughnut was picked up.

Overall: At $18 a half dozen, this is not a place we will frequent regularly no matter how tasty but we will be back to get the elusive S’mores doughnut.

CityGirls Doughnut Showdown: Von Doughnuts vs Glory Hole Doughnuts

Comparing Von’s Pucker Up Sucker to Glory Hole’s Lemon Meringue, Von takes it for taste and balance of flavours. But they lose points for presentation.

Von’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time vs Glory Hole’s PB & J, Glory Hole takes it both in taste and presentation. Glory Hole’s PB & J had exactly the taste you would expect and left us wanting more.

The winner of our East vs West doughnut showdown? Us CityGirls, of course! We got to indulge in our sweet tooth and tell you all about it!