Food Review: Wallace & Co.

logoOn a gorgeous warm and sunny Sunday afternoon, Veronica bundled up her baby and strolled over to Wallace & Co for lunch al fresco. Having heard about their all day breakfast menus and killer burger, she had to check them out.

Wallace & Co is a cute diner tucked away in the Junction Triangle and is frequented by those in the know. Veronica knew it was a hit before her order arrived by the sheer number of customers dining inside and out. The friendly and accommodating staff is a nice bonus, too.

unnamed (1)The Dirty Burg ($13) is a chuck burger, griddle fried with cheddar, fried onions, bacon and slaw with an aioli. Served with hand cut fries and pickle slices, it made for a succulent lunch.

The Good: The Dirty Burg certainly lives up to its name! The first bite in and Veronica had juices running down her fingers. The patty wasn’t fatty and was grilled perfectly and was so moist and tasty. Certainly worthy of a top 15 spot. The slaw added a much needed crunch in an otherwise super rich burger.

The Meh: Given the name of the burger, Veronica expected it to be dirty, but what she didn’t anticipate was how greasy it would be. The entire bottom bun was just soaked in grease. That definitely took away from the enjoyment. The hand cut fries were also a little overly salty.

The Overall: The Dirty Burg is not your everyday burger but it is certainly one Veronica would order again… after she’s run a marathon to burn off those calories!