Food Review: Poutini’s House of Poutine

hcmp21974_22972_s2veronica | Having been a frequent consumer of Smoke’s Poutinerie for years, I was skeptical when Jen suggested that Poutini’s House of Poutine was superior in every way. Not one to shy away from such a challenge, she gave Poutini’s a fair try. Situated on Queen West in Parkdale, Poutini’s is a quaint little shop with just a few stools for seating but is open and friendly.

poutinI ordered the bacon poutine (mini) with an orange soda ($9.25) and Jen ordered the mushroom poutine with bacon and a soda ($10).

The Good:  Poutini’s is generous with their toppings, there were curds a plenty and ample, perfectly cooked bacon to satisfy the carnivore in us. The fries were perfectly crisp and not just dumped into the cup.

jenThe Meh: Poutini’s portions are a bit off. The “mini”, which we ordered was far smaller than Smoke’s and cost about the same. For any connoisseur of poutine, you know that a perfect poutine requires a delicious gravy. Poutini’s failed on that note. The gravy was over seasoned and had a weird after taste.

Overall: I wasn’t sold on Poutini’s but if I’m ever in the area and craving poutine, I’ll be sure to stop in.