Food Review: Dairy Freeze

01veronica | This divey joint has been around for ages but don’t let it’s old school appearance fool you; the food at Dairy Freeze is tasty! Having heard about this place for years but never had the chance to give it a try until 2 years ago, I have been dreaming about their onion rings ever since.

Admittedly, if you’re basing a place purely on looks alone, you’re bound to turn your nose and keep going, but if you’re in the mood for a tasty burger, rings or fish and chips, then stop into Diary Freeze. On a sunny afternoon, Veronica and the baby grabbed Jen and strolled over for a quick lunch.

I ordered the Halibut Fish and Chips ($14) while Jen opted for the Banquet Burger ($6) and Onion Rings ($4). Our food is ready in good time despite the lack of power, which is a bonus.
The Good: The Onion Rings are super crispy and light. It almost feels healthy. Almost. The Coating on the fish was nice and light. Most places make the mistake and heavily coat their fish so you’re left with a crispy outside but a greasy interior. Not the case at Diary Freeze!

03The Meh: While the Fish and Chips platter was good, the chips to fish ratio was off. I expected a lot more halibut to the amount of fries. But hey, the slaw was pretty good.

Overall: Dairy Freeze claims to have the best steak sandwich, so our next visit, this will be consumed. Yes, we will be back.