Food Review: Square-Boy Drive In

85827veronica | I have heard so much about Square-Boy Drive In through the years and knew this was a place I had to check out. There’s just something about a greasy dive that gets the taste buds going and my stomach rumbling.

One thing we hadn’t anticipated was the popularity of Square-Boy and the limited space which made manoeuvring a stroller quite difficult. But, we were there for the food and just sucked it up.

04Ashley ordered the cheeseburger and onion rings ($7). I ordered the homemade banquet burger ($5) and pork souvlaki dinner ($9).

The Good: The souvlaki is grilled to order and the dinner is of generous proportions. None of the proteins are pre-cooked. 02While this makes the wait time longer, it ensures freshness.

The Meh: After sampling our offerings, our only conclusion is that the prices is what draws people in daily. They are busy and I’m not sure they’re accustomed to dealing with the crowds.

When I pointed 01out that they moved my ticket back in the line for no reason, the grumpy man behind the counter responded with attitude, which prompted me to give attitude right back. We can understand being overwhelmed but snapping at customers will not endear them to you.

The Overall: Considering the subpar ness of the food, Square Boy isn’t a place we’ll be raring to go back to, not when there are so many more joints to visit.