Food Review: Axis Gallery and Grill

nov-06-logo-2veronica | Ever since I moved to the Junction 3 years ago, I’ve been boasting to Ashley and Jen about the fries from Axis, nicknamed “crack fries” for their addicting nature. While this wasn’t our first time at Axis, it was the first time we sat inside (they have a really solid patio).

We ordered Cosmos to start (not to worry, I pumped first!), 2 pounds of wings and the crispy fry duo. The service was pretty standard but we didn’t take notice at that time.

02The Good: The crack fries! They never disappoint. The crispy coating keeps each and every fry crunchy and satisfying.

The Meh: The wings. I bit into one that was clearly undercooked. The response from the waitress after taking my plate away was that the wings come pre-cooked and that they’re perfectly fine.

01The waitress didn’t apologize for it nor did she replace the plate. Nothing was offered. And to add insult to injury, we had to ask her to bring us our change after it became clear to us that she had no intention of bringing it.

Overall: It seems since they revamped their menu, the food and service have seriously suffered. As tasty as the crack fries are, we’ll be hard pressed to ever return after that fiasco.