Food Review: Rally’s Sportsbar + Smokehouse

logoashley | While I love living in the East end, the one thing it seems to lack is restaurants, so when I was out and about one Saturday afternoon and saw Rally’s Sports Bar & Smokehouse, I figured it was worth a shot. Expecting your typical sports bar, I was quite surprised when we stumbled into a southern bbq joint.

unnamedI ordered the southern fried chicken sandwich with onion rings ($12) and a side of macaroni salad ($4), while my partner in crime ordered the little monster burger with bbq beans ($14).

The Good: The buttermilk chicken was to die for. It was so unnamed (1)tasty! And the burger was also surprisingly delicious. We were both very surprised with this. The macaroni salad was also very good and a nice side to the meal. The onion rings were large and not overly dough-y.

The Bad: The burger and sandwich were both incredibly unnamed (2)greasy. The buns were soaked in it, which was kind of disappointing. But the chicken was delicious, so next time I think I’ll get just the chicken tenders without the bun.

Overall: There were so many other items on the menu that I really want to try, so we will certainly be back to further explore the menu.