Food Review: Fancy Franks

logoveronica | It’s no secret that we here at CityGirls love a good wiener. Steamed, fried or grilled, we will always happily shove one in our mouths. Of course the sign of a good wiener is in the snap.

When we learned Fancy Franks opened a second location in the Bloor and Ossington area, I had to visit. On a sunny late Spring afternoon, I stopped in and ordered “Franks Got Seoul”, which is their signature all beef frank topped with Korean Beef Ribs, Kimchi, Scallions and Sesame Seeds.

unnamedThe Good: The Snap! That first bite was perfect. The toppings were interesting too. The beef ribs were perfectly shredded and tender, a lovely accompaniment to the wiener.

The Meh: I ate this as it was presented but found it definitely needed a sauce. It was a bit dry and the saltiness of the wiener along with the salty kimchi was too much, a sweet or spicy sauce is needed.

The Overall: Fancy Franks has many more offerings and we will be back to try quite a few more! After all, did we mention they also fry mini donuts to order? Yum!