Food Review: Fat Bastard Burritos

lgooashley | I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never been a big fan of burritos. That is until I tried Fat Bastard Burrito and now I just can’t get enough.

With a wide selection of burritos, quesadillas, chips & guac, you really can’t go wrong here. We ordered a huge Buffalo Chicken burrito ($11.49), a Tequila Lime Quesadilla ($8.49) and Chips & Guac ($3.99).

unnamedThe Good: When they say huge, they mean huge. Fat Bastard does not skimp on size (lil, big, huge). My huge burrito lasted me three days, which is great because it’s so delicious nothing else really compares and that’s all you want to eat for three days straight. Their guacamole is awesome too, a great side to go along with your meal.

unnamed (1)The Bad: We usually get burritos, so I’m not sure if this issue was this time only or a regular occurrence, but the quesadilla wasn’t very cheesy. We like a lot of melted cheese oozing from the tortillas and that just wasn’t the case. The quesadilla itself was still good, we just might stick to burritos next time.

Food ReviewOverall: I’ve already been to this place multiple times and will continue going back there again and again. I honestly can’t get enough of these burritos. I need some more Fat Bastard in my life.