Food Review: The Burrito House Mexican Grill

Untitled-1ashley |  I love Mexican food. I could probably eat nachos for every single meal and never tire of them. And recently, I’ve developed a bit of a burrito addiction. Yet for some reason, I always forget that my office is just across the street from the The Burrito House Mexican Grill on the Danforth.

Finally, one Friday afternoon when I was stuck for what to grab for lunch, I remembered this little hideaway and decided to check it out. I ordered a small Chicken Burrito ($5.78) with avocado sauce (extra $.50).

unnamedThe Good: There’s a great variety to the menu, from actual items (burritos, quesadillas, tacos, tostadas) to toppings and sauces. Bonus points for including corn in their topping list, I love corn in a burrito. I also love custom making things to order and picking what I want. My chicken burrito ended up with a great amount of spicy bite and the small was sufficiently large enough to fill my average-hungry belly.

The Meh: While there is a ton of variety, you are still only given the basics when it comes to what KIND of burrito you want… chicken, pork, steak, veggie etc. For a gourmet burrito house, I was expecting a bit more of a creative selection in these categories, but beggars can’t be choosers and let’s face it, I would end up picking some form of chicken anyway.

Overall: I’m not sure if I will ever grow out of my love for Mexican, so it’s handy to have a place so close. And the burritos are good, maybe not Fat Bastard good, but it filled my craving and I definitely want to go back to try out some of the other items on the menu and give their chips and dips a try. I also noticed – their menu has nachos. Mmmmmm.