Food Review: El Mejor Tex Mex Restaurant

elmejor_logo_websiteashley | Yes, I know, at this rate, we’re going to have to change the name of this blog to Books and Burritos, since it seems like all of our food posts lately have been burrito related. I’m sorry! I like Mexican food and new places keep opening up around me! Like El Mejor, on Kingston Road in the East end.


We ordered the 12” Chicken Burrito ($7.59), the 3x Chicken Soft Shell Tacos ($7.39) and Warm Chips w/ Guac (3.89).


tacosThe Good
: The tacos were devoured quickly with no complaints. Again, there was corn on the toppings list and that makes me really, really happy. Guac was also done right, which was awesome.

The Bad
: The burrito was a bit dry for me. I’m not sure if there wasn’t enough sauce put on it or burritoif that’s just how it is. The gal making the food seemed a bit overwhelmed and it’s possible she missed a couple of requested toppings. The chips were addicting, but they were very salty.

Overall: El Mejor just opened, so I think they have a few kinks they still need to work out. The food was decent enough so we’ll give them some time to get into the groove of things and go back for another try.