Book Review: Going Home Again

16156329descriptionveronica | I won the ARC of Going Home Again by Dennis Bock courtesy of Goodreads first reads program and Harper Collins.

I was pleasantly surprised by this novel. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was expecting but I always get such a thrill over reading a story that takes place in my fair city. And to boot, I knew each area that Dennis Bock described!

Going Home Again was well written, the characters were realistic and developed in a way that wasn’t overwhelming. Family is a strange thing. No one family is the same and with Charlie and Nate’s relationship that’s always been strained, being in the same city wasn’t the best idea.

Both brothers are going through a divorce, both are now single fathers but Charlie is level headed and Nate is spiraling out of control.

The ending was rather surprising but fits the title. Sometimes you have to go home again before you can ever really go home again.

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