Book Review: Moranthology


ashley | It seems rather fitting that I read the majority of Caitlin Moran’s Moranthology after a couple of glasses of wine. Marketed as “the U.K.’s answer to Tina Fey, Chelsea Handler and Lena Dunham”, some of what she said was clever and had me chuckling, specifically the conversations she has in bed with her husband, but the majority of this book even my trusty glasses of wine couldn’t help me get through.There was a lot of name dropping and arrogance that really turns me off books like this. It also seemed like she was trying too hard to be clever and it just didn’t live up to the show runners she’s been compared to – as soon as you mention Tina Fey, my expectations sky rocket.

Moran’s previous book, How To Be A Woman (which I have not read), has been praised but faulted for focusing on just that, being a woman. A lot of reviews suggest this is the answer to that dilemma, giving Moran a chance to expand and explore other subjects. Personally, I think that exploration was a bit too vast. She covers a slew of topics and the variety leaves too much room for her to hit and miss.

Perhaps a third book is in order, something that falls nicely in the middle. (Personal request – a more in depth look at her ventures into the world of rock ‘n’ roll.)

veronica | I went into this with a completely open mind hoping to be entertained but realized early on that Moran is just a braggart whose antidotes are bland and moronic.

How anyone can compare her to Tina Fey is beyond me. She has neither the wit nor the talent.

Had it not been fro the interviews with Keith Richards, Lady Gaga and Paul McCartney, I probably would’ve thrown is over my balcony.

It’s fine to write about your life but at least work it out to make me care. If I don’t care about you, I’m sure as shit not going to care about your life or your hair.

I’d like my time back, Moran.

Moranthology has been out for a while, but Moran’s new book How To Build A Woman is out September 23, 2014. It’s a fictional book, not a collection of essays, and we’re curious to see if she’s better suited for that kind of writing.