Waiting On Wednesday – Yes Please

Waiting On Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine to spotlight eagerly-anticipated upcoming releases.

This week Ashley is eagerly awaiting: Yes, Please by Amy Poehler

Publication: October 28, 2014 (Ashley’s Birthday!)

Yes PleaseAbout: In Amy Poehler’s highly anticipated first book, Yes Please, she offers up a big juicy stew of personal stories, funny bits on sex and love and friendship and parenthood and real life advice (some useful, some not so much), like when to be funny and when to be serious. Powered by Amy’s charming and hilarious, biting yet wise voice, Yes Please is a book is full of words to live by

Why I’m Waiting: Another highly anticipated book, being excited about this makes me feel so unoriginal but come on, it’s Amy Poehler! I love Amy Poehler and I have been trying to read a book written by her for years, which has proven difficult considering this is her first one. I devoured Tina Fey’s book Bossy Pants in one sitting and I have just as high hopes for this. These two women are personal heroes of mine and I can’t wait to hear what hilarious insight Amy will be sharing. One word to sum up my excitement: FINALLY!