Book Review: The Silver Star


Veronica | I love Jeannette Walls. She has a way of writing that just gets to you. Her depth of understanding of people is like no other. But The Silver Star lacked this in every way. The entire time I sat reading this I felt like she was barely skimming the surface of emotions, the characters felt shallow and the story just lacked the hook that her previous books had. 

Walls is still a fantastic writer but as a fiction writer she falls rather flat on this one. The protagonist, Jean the Bean, is supposed to make us love her for her tenacity, sass and sense of right and wrong but when she’s written in a flat one dimensional way, I just didn’t really care.  The only character I was really interested in was Uncle Tinsley. And only because he seems like the atypical genteel southern man. 

The Silver Star was a good attempt at fiction though and was easy enough to get through, it just doesn’t live up to Walls’ other work.