Food Review: Cibo Wine Bar

Untitled-1ashley | Yesterday was my 30th birthday.  I’ve been milking the last few days of my 20s by having plenty of dinners with friends, Veronica threw me a lovely little party Saturday night to celebrate, and last night, the man I am lucky enough to spend my life with took me out to dinner to finish off a great week of celebrations.

Our destination was a surprise, so much so that he took me across the city on a streetcar a street north of where we were going and we ended up a block west of the actual restaurant to ensure he totally threw me off. So when we finally came to Cibo Wine Bar on King St W., I was so turned around. His mission complete.

1496608_10152520801727897_3878645675980444148_nWe started off with the polpettine (mini meatballs with tomato sauce), a bottle of Lidi Merlot and then moved on to our main courses, spicy Penne Arribbiata for me and Orecchiette for him.

The good: First off, the place is a beautiful. The atmosphere is very classy and romantic, dim lights, lots of candles, but the tables aren’t shoved together and crowded like you see a lot in downtown establishments. 

The food also was not disappointing. Like most Italian joints, they start off with a loaf of bread, which was delicious and addicting. It was mighty difficult not to fill up on the bread while waiting for our pasta. My penne orecchiette 2was perfect, exactly what I was expecting. It had a bit of a kick to it, but it was still flavourful and not overpowering. The orecchiette was just as impressive, a good mix of spicy sausage to pasta. 

The meh: While my man really enjoyed the mini meatballs, I thought they just tasted like meatballs in tomato sauce (I know, what else was I really expecting?) and wasn’t overly impressed.

breadOur service was also a little patchy, our server was lovely but it seemed like she kept forgetting about our table and was always very apologetic when she would finally return. Thankfully this didn’t really make any impact on the experience as a whole.

OverallCibo Wine Bar was definitely a great place to celebrate a milestone birthday, I couldn’t have asked for a better meal or better company. Price wise, it wasn’t cheap, but if you’re looking for a nice place to splurge for a special occasion this more than does the trick.